Coalition aircraft bomb militias in Taiz, landmines kill and wound five civilians

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September Net.

Arab Coalition aircraft renewed on Friday its aerial bombardments targeting Houthi-Saleh militias in the western city of Taiz, southwest the country.

The aircraft targeted with three air raids positions, gatherings and reinforcements of coup militias in the outskirts of al-Hameli area north of Moza’a district, killing a number of them and wounding several others, as well as destroying a military vehicle and mortar launcher, field sources reported to September Net.

Meanwhile, a landmine planted by the putschists exploded on Friday in the area, resulted in one civilian martyred and four others women wounded.

Local sources said that Ali Saif al-Kumri was martyred and four others women were fatally maimed that they may sustain a disability over the explosion of the militias’ anti-personnel landmine.



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