1070 civilians killed and injured over militia aggression in Ibb

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Ibb city, center of the country, is under the Houthi-Saleh militia control for three years.

The Ibbi people have been subjected to hundreds of systematic crimes committed by the coup militia during the same period.

According to the to Ibb’s Media Center of the Popular Resistance, a total of 510 civilian people were killed by the militiamen gunfire, including 34 children and 26 women, and number of 650 others were injured, 15 children and 39 women.

The Monitoring Unit of the Center added that these 1070 deaths and injuries over Houthi-Saleh militia’s aggression during the past three days ranged between direct killing, executions, torturing abductees to death, disputes among militias members over lands..etc.

It’s noticeworthy that Houthi-Saleh militias are still control the Ibb city, and are continuing their massive atrocities against civilians without any respect to the humanitarian values and international rights laws.



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