President Hadi receives US ambassador

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President Abd-Rabbu M. Hadi received Tuesday the US ambassador to our country Matthew Tuller.

Topics related to issues of common interest including prospects of peace and underway efforts aiming to put an end to the war were touched upon.

The President welcomed the American diplomat, praising his good offices has been doing to make peace in Yemen.

Hadi briefed Mr Tuller on challenges facing Yemen in light of the continuation of violent attacks by Houthi-Saleh rebellious militias on the Yemeni people and neighboring countries, backed by Iran.

Hadi said:” International community should bear its responsibility in this regard and help putting an end to the rebellion”.

His Excellency added:” We have voiced our support to the US strategy and President Trump toward Iran and terrorism. We’re looking for peace based on the GCC’ Initiative, National Dialogue Conference’s outcomes and International Security Council resolution 2216″.

The American ambassador said:” Our positions and objectives had been clear in this context. We do support Yemen to counter challenges it has been faced by including Iranian interference in the region, countering terrorism and concerting efforts and resources to achieve Yemeni peoples aspirations for peace and security” .


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