Chief of Staff: Troops hunt rabbles eastern Sana’a

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Chief of Staff Maj. General Tahir Al-Oqaili paid Saturday an inspection visit to front-lines combating operations of Nehm area, adjacent to Arhab district north-east Sana’a.

He stated that coup d’état militias have been dealt strong blows over past days. Now armed forces have been running after them to crush unless they announce surrender.

Legal government’s troops gain more spaces every day and will be approaching the enemy’s heartland shortly, he noted.

General Al-Oqaili confirmed that military operation won’t stop until realizing its planned objectives.

The chief of staff voiced Yemeni military’s thanks to Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.
Commander of Arab Coalition’s forces in Marib, Brigadier General Ali Saiyar Al-Anezi.


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