16 militants including leaders killed in battles with NA northern Sa’ada.

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At least 16 Houthi-Saleh militias including field leaders were killed and tens others injured during heavy clashes with national army forces in al-Buqa ditrict northern Sa’ada province.

Military sources told September Net that the coup militias launched failed attack on the positions of NA in khalekah area of Thar Selah front, but were beaten and forced to flee.

The source confirmed that the army artillery waged fierce shelling on the positions of coup militias in the same area.

Four field leaders of militia, 3 snipers and 9 others were killed and over 30 were injured as a result of the battles and shelling, the sources added.

In parallel, Saudi-led Arab coalition jets launched several raids on military reinforcements belonging to the coupists in Thar Selah area northern Sa’ada.



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