235 militiamen killed in different battlefields this week

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Two hundred thirty-five of Houthi-Saleh militias militants have been killed in the past seven days during fierce battles and air strikes in various warfronts northern the country, according to military sources.

The sources confirmed to September Net that the killed toll of coup militias cluded 20 field leaders, three of whom were top commanders in what was formally known as the Republican Guards.

While hundreds other militiamen were wounded during these battles with the army and by airstrikes of Coalition, some of whom sustained deadly injuries, the sources added.

They further spelt out that the artillery shelling of the National Army and the Arab Coalition air raids manged to destroy in the same week two dozens of military equipment and machinery of the coup militia, such as tanks, weapon and ammunition depots, missiles platforms and vehicles.

“The Houthi-Saleh militias’ losses of bodies were most notably in Nim, Taiz and Hajjah with 100, 86 and 82 respectively.

It’s worth mentioning that the report presented only the casualties of militiamen that were documented only. While Tens more militiamen were killed but couldn’t be verified by numbers, according to the sources.



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