Cabinet say all Yemenis are determined to end terrorists and rebels

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The Yemeni Cabinet affirmed on Tuesday that all Yemenis, people, government and army, are determined more than ever before to counter the rebels and terrorists and drive them away from every inch in the country.

Convened by Prime Minister Ahmed bin Daghr who returned from a several day visit to Saudi Arabia on Monday, the gathering ministers indicated the national commitment to put an end to Iran’s terrorist agendas in the country to contribute to keeping the country, its neighbors, the region and the whole world safe.
They denounced the terrorist bombing that occurred outside the camp of security forces in al-Mansoura Aden killed 3 soldiers and injured 18 others, seven of them civilians.
They affirmed that such criminal acts terrorist orchestrated in synch with the Houthi-Saleh rebel militias’ ballistic missile attack on the Saudi capital Riyadh is only a signal of bankruptcy and despair of the joint sponsor and source of such acts.
They affirmed commitment to boost all forms of coordination with Saudi Arabia to prevent the smuggling of Iranian missiles calling on the international community to pressure on Iran to stop their destabilizing acts for Yemen and for the international peace.
They lauded the Saudi decision to support Yemen with oil derivatives and with a $2 billion deposit in the Central Bank of Yemen to curb the dramatic depreciation of the Yemeni currency against the basket of hard currencies.
The Cabinet approved the allocation of $14,260,000 for the development of Aden telecommunication and internet infrastructure including the expenses to connect with the international submarine cable.


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