Scores of militia killed in clashes with NA in Al-Jawf.

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Fierce battles broke out in several locations on wednesday between the national army(NA) forces and the coup militia in Al-Jawf province

Military sources told September Net that NA forces engaged in heavy confrontations with the Houthi-Saleh militias in Abo Daeir and Sabrin areas of khab-alshaghf directorate, pointing out that the latter suffered heavy losses in life and equipment.

In parallel, the national army in Almtwon fought fierce battles with the militias, killing five members and wounding others, and seized one armed patrol.

During the battles the NA forces managed to capture four elements of the coup militia including the senior leader of the training camps called Abdualjaleel Al-Dailami, according to the sources.

In the same context, Arab coalition warplanes launched several airstrikes targeting the militia’s sites in Al-Saqeih area, Al-Jawfprovince.



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