National Army spokesman : 28 militiamen including leaders captured eastern Sana’a

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Twenty-eight militiamen of Houthi-Saleh militias were captured, including senior field commanders, in battles took place few days ago in the Directorate of Nihm, eastern the capital Sana’a.

A spokesman of the National Army Forces, Brigadier General Abdu Mujali added to the Saudi newspaper “Okaz” that a group of militia leaders were under investigation, and that the prisoners provided important information benefited the national army and the Arab coalition in accelerating its military operations and making progress on various warfronts.

“After controlling the highest mountains and highlands of Nihm, progressing towards the capital, Sanaa, is easier than it has been before,” added the spokesman.

He confirmed that the army is monitoring the positions and the movements of the coupers in the district.

“the national military units took control yesterday on a series of mountains in the  right warfront of Nihm, amid a major decline in the ranks of the coup militias,” he confirmed to the newspaper.

The Colonel further continued that the  coalition fighters, that cover national  troops on ground, yesterday destroyed a convoy of armored vehicles loaded with weapons and insurgent militias.

“The forces of the army are now crawling towards the areas of Qutbeen, Bani Mohammed, Al-Arakat, Al-Adjun and Qarn al-Wadah, predicting that in the coming days a number of fronts will be consolidated and progress will be made to control Ben-Gilan’s mountain.”



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