VP: Marib sets good example for national unity

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Vice President Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh met Monday with governor of Marib province Maj. General Sultan al-Aradah.

The meeting discussed development drive in Marib province.

Al-Aradah briefed the Vice President on underway efforts have been exerted by local authority to establish security and improve services.

The governor also cited the achievements made by the local authority in the areas of services, reconstruction and improving military and security apparatuses .

The Vice President highly praised Marib governor Sultan al-Aradah for the great efforts he has been making to maintain security and develop basic services in the province so as to cope with the great demands due the large number of the peoples who came to the province.

‘Marib sets a good example national unity as it has succeeded in hosting Yemenis from all over Yemeni provinces’, Mohssen noted.


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