Coalition: GPC’s move and alignment with Yemeni people will save Yemen from militias

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Leadership of Saudi-led Arab Coalition aims to restore legality in Yemen said:” Coalition was well aware that good people affiliate to the General People Congress (GPC) party, its leadership and Yemeni people who had been forcefully under the Iranian-Sectarian militias’ authority had gone through hard times”.

In statement published by Saudi News Agency (WAS) the Coalition added:” The Coalition view this moment of Yemen history requires good people of Yemen’s population of all political and tribal stripes to align themselves together, including members of the GPC and other political parties, in this blessed uprising in order to get rid of Iran-backed militias and put an end of oppression, intimidation of murder, exclusion and detonating houses, taking over public and private-owned prosperity”.

The statement indicated that the Coalition leadership is closely watching the ongoing events related to disputes between the two parties of the coup d’état in the capital Sana’a and all Yemeni provinces. These developments clearly demonstrate pressures the Houthi-Iran backed militias were exercising and their control over Yemeni people decisions and resources, a matter resulted in erupting conflict between the parties to the coup, read the statement.

The statement affirmed the Coalition confidence that the GPC move to regain the lead and alignment with the Yemeni people and the GPC’s blessed uprising will enable Yemen to get rid of Houthi- sectarian terrorist Iran backed militias and bring Yemen back to Arab line”.a


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