VP meets with Chef of Staff and Command of Arab Coalition Forces in Marib

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Vice President Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh held meeting on Sunday with Chief of Staff Maj. General Tahir Al-Aqili and Commander of Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces in Marib, Brig. Gen. Ibrahim bin Ali Al-Harbi and Commander of the United Arab Emirates armed forces Brig. Gen. Saleh bin Sa’aeed Al-Alili.

The meeting devoted to discuss the latest developments related to combat operations in front-lines battles.

The meeting also touched upon advancements have been made in Nehm and other fronts where government’s troop have been battling Houthi militias which carried out a coup against the legal authority and threatened Yemen’s security and the region’s as well.

The Vice President stressed that efforts need to be doubled and military combat should go on to push Houthi terrorist militias back and government’s troops move ahead to save Yemeni people.

Lt. Gen) Mohssen advised armed and security forces personnel and Yemen people to identify themselves with the legal government and support the official military in the battle against Houthi militias and their sectarian doctrine.


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