Sana’a…Coalition jets bomb militias positions, army forces liberate new sites.

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The Saudi-led Arab coalition warplanes waged airstrikes on positions and crowds of Houthi coup militias eastern the capital Sana’a amid fierce battles on the ground.

Military sources told September Net that at least 8 armed members of Houthi militias were killed and many others wounded as a result of the air raids on their sites near Alshabef hill of Serwah.

In parallel, battles continued between the army forces and Houthi militiamen in multiple sites of the same district where the army made ground progress and inflicted the rebels heavy losses in life and supplies.

Field sources said to September Net, the army forces engaged in fierce fighting against Houthi militants in Nihm district eastern the capital, pointing out that the army managed to liberate Alsood hills and inflicted the coupists heavy losses in life and equipment.



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