Shabwa..18 Houthis surrendered as army liberates fresh areas

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Eighteen elements of Houthi rebel militias surrendered themselves to the national army forces in Bihan of Shabwa province, while the army’s military operations to clear the pocket of militias continued on Sunday.

“September Net” reporter in Shabwah said on Sunday that “18 militias of the Houthi rebels gave themselves up to the Commander of 19th Brig., Colonel Saleh al-Kulaibi following the army’s control of their positions at al-Qubail and al-Shakah.”

On Osilan Front, the army forces manged to control a strategic mountain of “Bin Aqeel”, after heavy fighting with the coup militias of Houthis on Sunday.

Military sources told September Net that the army manged to capture agreat deal of weapons and ammunition from the militias, who suffer heavy casualties and losses of supplies.

The forces of the army maged as well to liberate a number of areas and positions from the radical militias, including “Hama junction”, “al-Sayed station”, “Munikeban mountain” and Lukhaysar, in Osilan district, according to the sources.

Arab coalition aircraft destroyed also machines and equipment for the militias in the same area.



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