Houthi militias suffer major losses in AlDhale

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The artillery forces of the national army in AlDhale intensively bombed the Houthi militias’ posts and crowds Tuesday night, killing and wounding a number of militias northern the province.

The artillery shelling of the army hit its targets accurately killing and injuring ten rebels, and destroyed a military vehicle packed with militias, military official told September Net.

The source added that the artillery of the army in the 8th Brig. staged a similar heavy bombing on the Iranian-backed Houthi militias’ sites and gathering west “Nasah” mountain, in Muris district, which led to the destruction of weapons depot.

Fighting also raged in “Yaees” and “Algalbo’e”, in the said district, between the national army forces and the coup militias, but there have been no specific reports on how much losses in life and equipment the Houthi rebels suffered during the battle, according to field sources.



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