Inauguration of Taiz Social and Development Forum

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The Ministry of social affairs and labor office announced that the inaugural meeting of Taiz social and Development Forum was held, on Thursday 14/12/2017 in Marib province.
The meeting discussed and approved the draft founding statute of the forum and election of its administrative body, the monitoring and inspection committee.

the elected members are the following:
*the members of the administrative body:
Name occupation

1- Ameer Abdullrazaq Derhem Al-Amery President
2- Mubarak Abdullah Mohammed Fadel Secretary General
3- Abdullbari Sultan Obadi Researching And Planning
4- Ali Mansour Ali Mohammed Financial Officer
5- Ramzi Abdullrhaman Mohammed Al-Hakeemi Information Officer
6- Abdurahman Abdo Ahmed Thabet Social Affairs
7- Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al-Qadhy Public Relations
8- Rashad Mahuob Al-Makhlafy Health And Education
9- Wadah Abdullah Mohammed Al-Zoraqi Legal Officer
10-Adnan Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hakeemi Officer Of Wounded
11- Samed Ahmed Mahuob Al-Azaani Officer Of Relief
12- Mahfodh Radman Hassan Ali Officer of war Victims
13- Abdullqawy Hassan Abdualqader Officer Of Supply
14- Arafat Yahya Ahmed Ibraheem Youth Officer
15- Sahar Abdullwase’a Abdullah Safe Officer Of Women

The members of mentoring and inspection committee:*
1- Sultan Abdo Yaseen Mohammed President
2- Abdullah Ali Mohammed Mahuob Deputy
3- Mohammed Mansour Abdullghani Reporter
4- Ayuob Rashad Al-Amery Member
5- Hamde Mohammed Abdullqader Member


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