Coordination between military and local authorities discussed

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A meeting chaired by Chief of Staff Maj. General Tahir Al-Aqaili discussed mechanisms of cooperation and coordination between the military and local authorities in the provinces of Al-Mahweet, Hujja, Rayma, Dhamar and Al-Baidha.

The meeting which held on Sunday aimed to bring about effective coordination and cooperation between the local authorities and military commanders in light of the status quo so as to unify efforts for countering the putschists militia.

The gathering included governor of Al-Mahweet, Dr Saleh Somai’a, governor Hujja, Abdulkareem Assonaini, governor of Rayma Ali Al-Howri, governor of Dhamar Maj. Ali Al-Qawsi, governor of Al-Baidha Saleh Arrasas and commander of the Third Military Zone Ahmed Jobran.


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