Al-Baydah,,,, Dozens of Houthis killed in battles in Nate’a district

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Dozens of Houthi militia were killed and others injured on Tuesday in the central province of Al-Baydah.

A military source told September Net that the army troops fought heavily with the insurgents Houthi rebles in Nate’a Directorate, pointing that the battles left at least 23 Houthi militia dead, including a three leaders, and dozen others wounded.

He further spelt out that the army forces have regained control over several positions, including al-Monqate’a, Sabgh, A’ashar, al-Rozaimah and Hadeer Jan.

Eight Houthi militia were captured during the fighting in the said area, where more than 120 elements had been already captured by the army in the few past days.


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