VP: Our objective is fighting terrorism, ending coup

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Vice President Ali Mohsen has confirmed that the objective of the legitimacy is fighting terrorism, ending the coup, and the legitimacy, with support from the Arab Coalition, is making the necessary plans for realizing this aim.

“There is no comparison between the situation of the legitimacy today and its position three years ago,” said Mohsen in an interview with Al Quds Al Arabi.

He added that they- with support from the Saudi- led Coalition- have achieved big victories led to retreat rebels from Aden coasts and the military forces are approaching the Capital Sana’a, and recently, Houthis have suffered huge losses in different fronts.

While he praised victories for the national army in Shabwa, Baidha, the western coast, Nihm, Jawf and other fronts, he pointed out that citizens in Taiz will soon hear good news, confirming that the field operations go on in accordance with accurate military timely-plans.

He expressed regret that Iran- backed militia closed all doors for a dialogue, adding:” We have plans for regaining the whole of state from the militia and we have national, Arab and international references support our aim of regaining the state.”

He confirmed that the whole world and weapon experts know that the ballistic rockets of Houthis come from Iran and Iranian themselves were pride when Houthis stormed Sana’a saying four Arab capitals have fallen in their hands.

Regarding plans for fighting terrorism, he said since the early beginning “we have declared our aim has been fighting terrorism and ending the coup and we are going on through this foundation for facing Houthis, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.”

He pointed out the government has ambitious plans for reconstruction and the government has handed over to countries of the Arab Coalition, who dealt positively with the demand and there will be a work on mobilizing efforts for reconstruction in the framework of Yemen’s Friends Group.

He noted that big numbers of civilian and military leaderships resorted to the legitimacy during the past days, confirming that the legality opens its doors to members of the General People Congress (GPC) and other forces wronged by Houthis.

We will not stop opening doors to all victims of Houthis and call for keeping the GPC united under President Hadi.


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