Yemeni school students reject slogan of Houthis ‘Asarkhah’, chant national one instead

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School boys and girls in Yemeni schools continue to express their total rejection to the sect ideologies that the Iran-backed Houthi militia is attempting to impose to the school subjects especially and education generally.

The first spark of resistance began two years ago from a high school in the capital Sana’a. Houthi insurgents broke into Kuwait High School and requested students to repeat the rebels’ so-called ‘scream’ ( Asarkhah) the group main slogan “Death to American Death to Israel Curse on Jewish Victory for Islam”. But students replied with a national phrase chanted, “We sacrifice our souls and blood for Yemen”.

Such incidents have been taking place in lots of Yemeni schools,however the media is absent or can’t reach out for coverage due to the restrictions Houthi militia set on mass media opposing their agenda.

In Ibb city central the country, school girls refused to chant also the militia’s slogan during an event organized by the rebels to poisoning students and spread their sect thoughts. The girls chanted loudly instead as well ” We sacrifice our souls and blood for Yemen”.

Ali Al-Hobaishy, a Yemeni political analyst, explained that Houthi behaviors prove that they are bankrupt and in complete failure. He said that we are now observing “the scream of school students facing death slogan of militia.”

Al-Hobaishy wondered why the insurgents continue to recruit school boys and send them to death ?

Houthi militia have been spreading its sect ideas and Iranian-imported ideologies forcibly in the Yemeni schools and Education, especially one in their controlled areas. The students are therefore rejecting them. Houthi militias out of revenge have been taking these school boys as children fighters in front lines

“Refusal of chanting the Houthi militia’s slogan( Asarkhah)by the students are for two reasons: first, students are fully convinced that Houthi logos are fake and deprive them of living their childhood as they desire. Second, they are also aware that Houthi militia is the main and sole reason for the country’s current situation”, said the academic Mubarak al-Tameemi.

Meanwhile, observers say that the national chant “We sacrifice our souls and blood for Yemen” is terribly shaking the extremist militia, who hates whoever say it.

Last weak in Al-Baydah province , also school students prevented from saying the militia’s scream ‘Asarkhah’ in the presence of the so-called Deputy Minister of Education in the coup militia self-recognized government.

Similarly, in past July the female students in Sana’a university didn’t repeat the Houthi militias’ chant, which made the rebel militants assault the girls in an attempt to force them say it.


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