Hajjah…Over 40 Houthi militants including ground leaders killed in Medi

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At least 40 armed members of Houthi coup militias including field leaders were killed and dozens other injured ,on Saturday morning, during violent battles in Hajjah province north western the country.

Military sources in the 5th military zone told September Net that the army forces launched heavy attack against Houthi militias’ positions in the coastal city of Medi, leaving 40 militants killed including three major leaders known as “Ali Hassan Alhakem”, Abdullah Hassan” and “Ali Abdullrahman” in addition to tens other wounded and one captured in the hands of the army known as “Abdullah Alkahali”.

In parallel, the Saudi-led Arab coaltion aircraft launched airstrikes today targeting the same positions of the coupists, causing heavy losses in life and supplies, According to the sources.



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