Houthis committed 2206 violations in Taiz last December, reports HRITC

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The Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) has documented 2206 violations committed by the Houthis in Yemen’s central province of Taiz last December.

In a press statement issued on Saturday, the Taiz-based NGO, said its team documented “the killing of 47 civilians including 12 children and three women.” The HRITC said that of the 12 children two were killed by sniper shooting.

Fifteen of the total were killed “by the rebel militia’s non-stopping bombardment of heavily populated neighborhoods” in Taiz city.

The government forces killed one civilian and the pro-government resistance forces killed another civilian too.

As for the injuries 96 civilians including 27 children and four women were injured by Houthi shells and Katyucha rockets. One woman sustained injuries as a rebel sniper shot her and a man sustained injury in a landmine explosion.

The HRITC said that the rebel militia abducted 39 civilians, 23 of them are in forced disappearance now. The militia tortured 11 of the abductees and executed one.

As a result of the increased Houthi shelling, a high rise in forced displacement was recorded in the areas of al-Hayma, al-
Ashrooh, al-Qoz, Mawze’a, Maqbanah, Ashaqab and Aljerat.

The HRITC documented the displacement of 1897 civilians most of them women, children and elderly.

The IDPs suffer chilly weather, shortage of food and lack of decent shelters.

As for the property damages, 36 houses were documented as totally destroyed 41 other houses as partially damaged as a result of the militia’s heavy shelling. The militia detonated three houses of oppositionists in al-Haymah by planting bombs in their corners. The militia also destroyed 21 public and private installations in addition to several farms by shelling.


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