Troops, citizens jointly battling Houthi-militia, governor says

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Governor of Al-Jawf province Maj. General Ameen Ali Al-A’qaimi met with sheikhs and social dignitaries of Al-Yatamah in the district of Kkhab and Asha’af province.

The governor said the armed forces, local authority and citizens are aligning themselves together in the battles against Iran-backed Houthi militias.

Al-A’qaimi added that al-Yatama is vitally important for the district of Khab and Asha’af so the legal leadership and government as well as Saudi-led Coalition won’t let it to be besieged once again by Houthi militia.

The social dignitaries and tribesmen of Al-Yatama district have expressed thanks for the governor and troops for sacrifices they have been making to drive the militiamen out of the area and all Yemeni regions.


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