National Army liberates key mountain in Al-Baydah

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National Army forces on Sunday retook control over strategic mountain of ‘Al Marqozah’ from Houthi militia, in Nate’a district eastern Al-Baydah province.

Military source told September Net that the army forces backed by local resistance maged today to retake the whole of Al Marqozah mountain after fighting with the insurgents militias.

The fighting led to killing and wounding scores of militiamen and forcing the rest to flee, as well as the capture of several others.

In the meantime, Six more militiamen were killed and others wounded as reslut of qualitative attacks carried out, today, by the resistance fighters in ‘Al Qurasheyah’ district in the same province, local sources said to September Net.

They said that three elements belonging to the putschists were killed in an ambush by the resistance and three more others by snipers shootings while attempting to plant landmines and IEds.

The central province of Al-Baydah have been witnessing continued confrontations between the national army backed by Popular Resistance and the Iran-backed Houthi militia in scattered areas, during which significant ground victories are being achieved by the the army forces against the coup militia.



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