National Army makes further advances in Saada

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National Army troops continue to make field victories against Houthi militia in Buqa Axis, northern Saada Province, field sources said on Tuesday.

The sources added to September Net that the army forces engaged today in heavy fighting with the militia in areas beyond the Al-aleeb mountain chain, which were fully liberated by army two days ago, adding that the troops regained control of several fresh positions behind the mountain chain from the hands of Houthi rebels.

Fighting resulted in several killings and capturing five elements from the militia while recapturing big quantities of weapons, ammunition, machines and heavy equipment, according to the source.

The military operations of the national army, backed by air cover of Coalition aircraft, are continuing on the ground toward the region of ‘Kitaf’, eastern the province of Saada.

Coincidently, the army had taken full control over strategically significant hills and mountainous highlands in the same province from the Houthi militia in the past few days. They also recaptured the Buqa market, and successfully manged to secure the international road linking Al-Jawf and Saada provinces, and linking Yemen with of Saudi Arabia.



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