Report: thirty journalists survived killing by Houthi militia

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Thirty Yemeni journalists have survived the killing, when most of them were injured by live bullets and direct sniping of Houthi militia during the past three years.

According to the rights report, issued by National Organization of Yemeni Media (Sada) under the title “Cost of Disappointment”, 60% of the journalists had been shot and deliberately sniped.

The report, of which September Net obtained a copy, added that the Houthi insurgents attempted to murder” 21 Yemeni journalists and media workers.” It noted that 54 others were physically assaulted by beatings, stoppages and shootings.

“Incidents of physical assaults took place in Houthi-controlled capital, Sana’a, where 40 journalists had been attacked by the militias, with a rate of 74 % of the total physical assaults,” said the report.

The Organization pointed out that the number of journalists injured while covering the fighting reached 33 journalists, 48% of whom were shot by live bullets, while 52% others by shelling carried out by the militia.

“Houthi militia are responsible for 93.9% of wounds the journalists had sustained during ground fighting”, the report mentioned.



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