Army makes new victories in qualitative operation in Taiz

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The national army forces achieved significant field progress on Thursday and took control of several areas in Taiz city after violent battles against Houthi coup militias.

September Net correspondent said, the army forces launched an offensive attack coincides with air raids by Coalition warplanes on militias’ positions northern Taiz city, advancing towards 60th and 50th streets and cut off militias ’ supply line to the western front of the city.

In Parallel, the army forces launched similar attack targeting militias’ positions in Alroba’e and Makbana areas
north-western the city, making new advance and inflicting the coupists major losses in life and equipment.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition warplanes intensified its airstrikes today targeting positions, gatherings and vehicles belonging to the coupists northern and eastern the city.

September Net reporter added, the Coalition aircraft launched several airstrikes targeting militias’ leadership center, weapons depot, several vehicles and tank as well as heavy weapons and other positions in the west and north of Taiz city.

Dozens of Houthi militants were killed ,including field leaders, and wounded as a result of the ground battles and airstrikes, according to the source.

The leadership of Taiz axis stated that the army forces backed by Arab coalition warplanes launched large-scale offensive on Houthi coup militas’ positions in the city, aiming to complete liberating the remaining areas under militias control in the province and ending the siege the militias have been laying for three years.



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