PM: Military solution still a choice, we won’t allow deposing republic

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Prime Minister Dr Ahmed Obeid Bin-Dagher confirmed that ongoing battle against Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia is set to continue unless the militia agrees to come to peace that is based on the GCC’s –brokered deal, Outcomes of National Dialogue and International Security Council resolution 2216.

In an interview with the Egyptian ‘Al-Yawm Assab’a’ Newspaper published Thursday, Bin-Dagher added:” We will never allow the Imamate-militia to overthrow the republic, displace the Yemeni people and loot the nation’s resources; particularly given that they’re” Houthis” represent a minority of the Yemeni people”.

The Prime Minister stated that the Yemeni peoples’ battle backed by their Arab brethren has been continuing to restore legality in Yemen, since it isn’t Yemen’s battle alone, rather it is connected to the Arab National Security, therefore, we won’t accept a defeat by Iran and its Houthi group, we, as Arabs, should align together and never let Yemen fell down.

Asked about Saudi-led Arab Coalition, Bin-Dagher stated that Saudi Arabia stood with Yemen against the Iranian scheme, he said:” At such critical stage, there was no party other than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could lead the Coalition, the Kingdom has got all resources and capacities to take the lead in encountering the negative impacts of the Houthi coup against the legal authority in Yemen. At the mean time it is an initiative to defend the Saudi Arabia security, Gulf and Arab nation in general”.

The Prime Minister has made clear that Egypt’s role is vitally important. He said :” Egypt has always been extremely important for Yemen’s and entire Arab world stability, it is has been also key member of Anti-Houthi Arab Coalition and anti-Iranian ambitions in the region, Egypt was, and it is still standing with the Yemeni people and Yemen’s unity”.

Bin-Dagher went on saying:” We don’t rule out political solution, rather we have continued to militarily counter Houthi coup, we suggested political solutions in the Geneva 1 and Geneva 2 peace talks, and we agreed to a peace document following Kuwait Peace Talks, the government had already signed on the peace proposal but the Houthis refused to sign it, because their decision is made in Tehran”


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