Commander of Bayda’s Qania: battles won’t stop till liberating the province

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In the past two days, National army forces with the support of the Arab Coalition aircraft have achieved significant advancements in Qania front of Al-Bayda province, central the country.

In a statement to September Net,Commander of Qania front Khaled Ahmad Al-Awathi said that the army troops successfully liberated the mountains of Al-Ar, Masa’odah and parts of Alyasbel mountains after fierce fighting against Houthi coup militias.

Tens of Houthi coup militias were killed and wounded in addition to three tanks and large quantity of ammunition were seized by the army forces during the battles.

Al-Awathi added that the army is fighting a fierce battles to liberate the remaining parts of Alyasbel mountains towards Al-Wahpeah area where the coupists are stationed, pointing out that Alyasbel mountains occupied a significant post as it overlooks the areas of Alwahabeah, Almalagem and Radman.

“Battles won’t stop till liberating the province, Alyasbel will be announced a full liberated area sooner and the liberation of the other areas is our next priority,” Al-Awathi confirmed.

He highly praised the role of Saudi-led Arab coalition warplanes that participated in the achieved victories through its accurate airstrikes on the Houthi militia.



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