Army in full control of Na’man district in Al-Baidah

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National army troops have completely recaptured a key district from the Houthi militia in the central province of Al-Baidah, on Wednesday

A leader in the popular resistance, Sheikh Ja’bal Jaman said to September net, forces of the army and resistance had taken full control of ‘Na’man’ district, and are continuing to advance in Al-Malajem directorate since the early morning until the writing of this report.

“The forces have reached ‘Fadha’ region and progress continues,” he added.

The national army had also liberated today the areas of ‘Hasir Al-jar’, Al-Asha’r’ and ‘Aljeribat’ in Al-Malajem, following fierce clashes against the Houthi militia, according to military staff of 26 Mec. brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel Abdulwahab Buhaibeh.

Buhaibeh added to September net, the clashes incurred scores of killed and injured on the militia’s sides, while a number of rebels were captured.

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