Dozens of Houthi militias’ leaders killed in western coast front

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A large number of ground leaders in Houthi militias’ ranks were killed by Coalition’s airstrikes on the western coastal fronts of Hodeidah province on Monday.

September Net reporter said, the Arab Coalition warplanes have launched airstrikes targeting Houthi militias’ leaders while have a meeting in their headquarter in the center of Zabeed district, resulting in the killing and wounding dozens of them along with their escorts south of Hodeidah city.

Eyewitness said that several cars belongs to the coupists rushed into the targeted site and took the killed and the injured to the Hospital of the city.

As for the ground battles, the army forces and popular resistance have been chasing the remaining elements of Houthi militias in the western areas of the coastline south of the city, military source said to September Net reporter.

The source added that the army troops continue advancing towards of the center of Altoheta district and get closer from Zabeed while dozens of Houthi coupists were killed and wounded in addition to several combat vehicles were destroyed.

In the context, the engineering teams of the army continued removing landmines and improvised explosive devices which planted earlier by the Houthi militias.



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