National Army regains new areas, ongoing clashes continue in Taiz

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National Army troops have regained control of several areas from Houthi militias in Hayfan district south of Taiz city , in coincidence with fierce battles in the western fronts Tuesday.

Military source said to September Net that the forces of the army conducted sudden attack against positions of Houthi militias in Hayfan district, resulting in the liberation of Alkarb and Almemshah mountains as well as the hilltop of Saeed Taha.

At least 20 Houthi coup militiamen were killed, many others injured and large quantity of heavy and medium weapons were seized by the army forces during the battles, according to the source.

On the west parts of Taiz, ongoing clashes are taking place between army forces and Houthi coupists in Alhesn mountain of Makbanah district in which the latter were hit by human and financial losses, another military source said to September Net.



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