Army gains victories, inflicts Houthi militias heavy losses in Hodeidah

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The army forces and popular resistance in Hodeidah province have liberated on Friday large parts of the center of Altoheta district from the control of Houthi coup militias.

September Net correspondent said that the national armed forces covered by the war planes of the Arab Coalition have launched fierce attack against Houthi insurgents stationed in Altoheta district north of Hodeidah, resulting in the liberation of large parts of center of the district.

In parallel, the Arab Coalition jets have launched more than 20 airstrikes targeting sites, gatherings and reinforcements belonging to the rebels Houthi militias in the said district.

Hundreds of Houthi militias were killed and injured in the air strikes and ground battles.

The Houthi militias witnessed major collapse and setback among their lines in the province in which they were hit by human and financial losses.



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