New areas liberated, tens Houthi rebels killed or injured in Taiz

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National armed forces retook control of new areas from Houithi coup militias Tuesday in Al-Selow district, southeast of Taiz province

Colonel Farooq Alga’afari, Commander in Al-Selow front, said to September Net that the army troops conducted today’s morning sudden attack against the rebels Houthi militias and managed to liberate the mountain of “Al-Selow” and the valley of “Mawkeah”.

Alga’afari stated “the heroes of the army reached the outskirts of Khadeer district and the coming hours are full of surprises”, noting that the rebels Houthi militias are witnessing collapse and setback among their lines in the front.

Tens Houthi militiamen were killed or wounded and three others were captured during the battles, according to Alga’afari.

Saudi-led Arab Coalition warplanes have raided positions and reinforcements belonging to Houthi militias in the intersection of Al-Selow and the outskirts of Khadeer.

Scores of Houthi insurgents were killed or injured and three combat vehicles were destroyed as a result of the airstrikes, local source told September Net.



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