Al-Athla: Army forces continue battling Houthi militias till liberating Sa’ada

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The Commander of Sa’ada axis Brigadier Obaid Al-Athla said that National Army forces in Sa’ada province are advancing in all the fronts, while the rebels Houthi coupists suffer big collapses in their lines.

Brig.Gen. Al-Athla confirmed that the army troops ,backed by warplanes and battleships of the Arab Coalition, continue making advancements in the north, east and west fronts of Sa’ada.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition warplanes have launched Friday more than 25 airstrikes targeting Houthi militias in the districts of Sahar, Razih and Al-Daher, destroying reinforcements and rocket-launchers platform which used by the militias to fire ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia.

He added that the army troops opened new military fronts in several districts of the province in order to facilitate the process of liberation, he also expressed his thanks to the countries of Arab coalition for supporting the army forces during the battles.



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