VP holds a high-profile military meeting

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Vice President (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh presided over a meeting included Chief of Staff, Maj. General Taher Al-Aqaili, General Inspector Maj. General Adel Al-Qamairi, a number of commanders of the third, sixth and seventh military zones. Commanders of the Arab Coalition Forces in Marib Brigadier Sayer Al-Anzi, and Commander of Emirati troops Brigadier Ahmed Al-Masfiri were in attendance.

The meeting devoted to discuss the latest developments in the country, on top of all the military combat operations and victories.

The VP praised the significant military advancements have been gained by the government’s troops in different front, highly appreciating the vitally importance support by Saudi-led Arab Coalition forces.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen said” Military institution backed by Arab Coalition is considered to be the Yemenis’ hope for regaining the State and to stand up to the Iran’s subversive scheme in the region, it is also the security valve of the country and the corner stone of the federal state of six provinces”.


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