Al-Iryani, media team paid field visit to front-lines positions of troops in Al-Baidha

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Minister of Information Mua’mer Al-Iryan along with Governor of Al-Baidh Al-Khadher Asswadi and media team paid Sunday an field visits to the front-line posts of the armed forces and local resistance fighters in the province of Al-Baidha.

The media team’s field-trips aimed to get first-hand information about the military advancements and victories realized recently by the Government’s troops and local resistance backed by Saudi-led Coalition Forces against Iran-backed Houthi putschist militia.

Al-Iryan talked to the troops in the front-lines, highly praising the heroic battles they have fought against Houthi putschist militia in the province of Al-Baidha.

The Minister of Information also voiced deep appreciation for the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces’ support that has been key factor in the military advancements in all fornts.


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