Hais town.. a tragedy revealed by numbers of murders, destruction committed by Houthi militia

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The Houthi rebel militia hasn’t stop its artillery shelling of the residential areas in the town of Hais in the port city of Hodeidah, at a time they continue to launch failed attempts to attack the positions of the army and popular resistance.

Field and local sources told September Net that the Houthi militia had been pouring the residential neighborhoods of the Hais twon with artillery shells almost every day, leaving civilian casualties and sever damages on properties.

The Houthi militia’s shelling and sniper-shooting have killed 40 people, including 14 children, and injured more than 100 others including 40 children, according to a human rights report issued by activists in the town of Hais.

The report added that militiamen targeted ” more than 100 facilities in Zabeed city, including houses, Mosques and farms.”

The Head of Committee Services in local council of Hais said that “Ten thousand of the population of Hais fled the city; 6000 of them to the other provinces and 4000 others to safe areas within Hodieda, due to the militia’s heavy shelling.”

The militia has been also imposing a three-pronged and tighten siege on Hais since it had been liberated last February, only the city’s western entrance that’s connected with Al-Khokhah directorate is opened.

Meantime, the randomly-planted landmines by the Houthi rebels on the town’s main roads and farms are still threatening the lives of the citizens.

The militia is frequently launching attempts aimed to restore the city, but all of them ended up with failure and the inflicting of heavy losses by the rebels, the last of which were last Sunday when a large number of the militia elements were killed and injured by the national army forces.

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