UN report unveils new evidences of Iran arming Houthi putschist militia

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A clandestine report by the UN Security Council Panel of Experts revealed that Iran has continued to supply Houthi putschist militia with ballistic missiles and drones after an embargo being imposed in 2015.

The team of experts managed to examine remnants of ten missiles and found out logos indicate that they were of Iranian origin, according to the report that covers the period from January through July 2018.

The secret report which was submitted to the UN Security Council yesterday, Monday, that the Agence France Press (AFP) could get familiar with confirmed that Houthis have continued to be supplied with ballistic missiles and drones” have got similar characteristics” of Iran made weapons.

In this report the Panel of Experts said” it continues to believe” that short-range ballistic missiles and other weapons were transferred from Iran to Yemen following the embargo imposed on Yemen in 2015.

The report which included 125 pages stated that weapons were used by the Houthis and were analyzed recently—including missiles and drones—” show similar characteristics of weaponry systems are well known to be made in Iran”.

The report added ” It seems that even though the embargo upon weapons, the Houthi have continued to obtain ballistic missiles and drones to intensify their campaign against targets in Saudi Arabia”.

According to the Panel of Experts ” It is very likely” that the missiles were made outside Yemen, their components were shipped to Yemen where the Houthis reassembled them”.


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