Yemeni-American cooperation in fighting terrorism discussed

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Vice President Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh met Thursday with Colonel Jong Zaveg, senior representative of American defense to Yemen and American Militarily Attaché Colonel Brad Ghandi, and number of senior officers in the US Special Forces.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen’s discussions with American military officials focused on aspects of cooperation and coordination between our country and the United States of America in military and security capacity-building and forces of fighting terrorism.

Mechanisms of resuming support to our country were also discussed.
The Vice President praised the American military and security support for Yemen and American’s role in training a number of Yemeni commanders in different defense spheres.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen stated that the political leadership headed by Field Marshal Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi—Commander-in-Chief—is very interested in further boosting the Yemeni-American military and security cooperation, in light of the circumstances that our country has been going through, to contribute toward maintaining national, regional and international security and realizing more achievements in fighting terrorism.

The discussions also touched upon the Yemeni military capacity- building and how to make use of the American friends’ experience in the military and security domains.


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