VP urges resuming Coast Guards missions to maintain maritime security

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Vice President (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh met Friday with Commander of Navy forces Maj. General Abdullah Annakha’e and Commander of Coast guards Maj. Geneal Khaled Al-Qamli.

The meeting aimed to brief the Vice President on the efforts have been made by Coast guards and Navy to contribute toward maintaining the maritime security by taking the advantage of Arab Coalition support and assistance.

The developments and mechanisms of activating the Coast guards were elaborately discussed so that they can contribute alongside with the Arab Coalition toward controlling the constant threats created by Iran-backed Houthi militia to international waterways and maritime navigation.

Discussions also touched upon Houthi’s and Iran’s crimes against International maritime navigation by frequently targeting ships which is considered to be an international terror that Iran is exercising through supporting its Houthi agent and his militias.

The Vice President urged further efforts and benefiting from brothers’ and friends’ experiences and capacities.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen also stressed the importance of training and institutionalizing Coast guards and Navy forces so that they can manage the threats to national, regional and international security, and controlling smuggling activities and preserving marine life.

The two Commanders of Navy and Coast guards cited different terrorist operations that Iran-backed Houthi militia have sought to carry out with the aim of threatening international maritime lanes.


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