Army controls key areas in Khab Alsha’af

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National army on Friday took over strategic key mountains in the district of Khab Alsha’af of Al-Jawf province.

Commander of Hassm Brigade, brigadier Hadi Hamaran Al-Jodi told September Net that the army forces backed by Arab Coalition Forces had liberated the mountains chain of “Kasha’n”, Najd Nada”, “Mankala” and Ea’ra” which located in the region of Salbah in the said district.

“The National army is rapidly advancing further towards completing the liberation of the remaining areas still under the militia’s control in Khab Alsha’af.”

Brigadier Al-Jodi pointed out that the Houthi militias are suffering collapses and pullbacks and have inflicted large number of casualties and material losses in their ranks.

He praised the role of the Arab coalition forces that launched aerial bombardment on the sites of the Houthi rebels, destroying a number of combat machines and armored vehicles.

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