Army controls new areas in Al-Bayda

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National Army, backed by aerial cover from the Arab coalition fighters, managed on Saturday to take over a number of areas from the Houthi militia in the country’s central province Al-Bayda.

The Commander of Baihan Military Axis, General Mofreh Buhaibeh told September Net that the forces of the Axis carried out today’s morning a military offensive in Qania and Fadha Fronts and retook several strategically important locations from the militia.

According to General Buhaibeh, the army forces took over the locations of Alwahbeyah, Alkhadar Alsood, and the sites of Lashah, Aljaz’ Bahawas and Asha’b Alwa’l, located in Nate’- Fadha warfront, while the rebels fled and retreated in groups.

He affirmed that the army is keeping on advancing towards Dahr Albaid, pointing out that the upcoming hours would bring good news for the people. He also highly praised the active role of the Arab coalition warplanes, which launched 8 air strikes against the positions and combat materials of the Houthi militia in Qania and Al-Malajem warfronts of Al-Bayda.



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