Hadi: Peace is the inevitable end to Yemen’s suffering

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said that peace is the inevitable end to the suffering of Yemen and it will only be materialized by the end of the coup and the return of the government and the Houthi rebels to the political track.

In an address to the nation on Monday, the eve of Eid al-Adhaha Holiday, he said that any political effort that seeks to bring peace shall remain based on the respect of the Yemeni people’s will and the three agreed upon Terms of Reference for peace.
Hadi said there shall be no back-down or subtraction from the Terms of Reference, represented by the GCC Agreement, the outcomes of the National Dialogue and the UNSC resolutions especially no. 2216 (2015).

“The federal state project drafted by the wise Yemenis into the outcomes of the National Dailogue sets resolutions for all drivers of conflict and draws up the roadmap to a stable Yemen,” he said.

“The resolve to implement those resolutions will never be reversed by the arrogant unruly groups that see Yemen only through their narrow interests,” he said

“We are confident that the battle we are engaged is nearing its end; the achievement of a great victory. It will be the last of the battles and the opener of a new era in which the Yemeni people’s aspiration for prosperity and stability get materialized.”

“Today we appreciate the importance and meaning of peace which was disappeared forcibly from us as the enemies of peace imposed their immoral war on us,” he said.

“Despite all that we will continue to seek peace and extend our hands for a concrete comprehensive peace.”


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