Army controls areas in the stronghold of Houthi militia in Saada

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Backed by Arab Coalition, the National Army is engaging in fierce battles against the Houthi rebel militia in Saada province, north of the country.

Military sources told September Net the army forces had stormed the stronghold of the Houthi militia, “Maran”, from four axes, and mananged to take over strategic locations that were under the militias’ control.

Tens of kilometers were completely liberated by the forces of Al-Arubah brigades, led by Major Abdulkareem Alsaadi, the commander of “cutting the snake’s head” operation, the sources said.

“The army forces entirely took over the valley of Khalab, the areas of Um-Naerah and Saroof, Khareb , the mountain of Taiban, Aqabat- Aldaher and Alkharban areas located downtown Maran mountains.”

According to the sources, the Houthi militia sustained large number of casualties and material losses in their ranks, amid continued fierce battles.

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