Houthi leaders killed with scores of militia elements in Al-Bayda

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Seven Houthi rebel leaders have been killed along with several militia members during confrontations and air strikes in the central province of Al-Bayda.

Spokesman of Baihan Axis, Captain Abdulrahman Al-Muradi told September that “seven field leaders from the militia were killed along with dozens militiamen during clashes with national army and Aran coalition’s raids in past two days.”

The dead rebels are the so-called: Abdullah Mohamed Aldailami, Tarek Ahmed Jehaf, Adel Mohamed Alkasemi, Ahmed Saleh Almatari, Mosa Abdullah Salah, Zaid Abdullah Aljabali and Salah Aldeen Ahmed Alsukari, Al-Muradi cited.

The fighting zones in Al-Bayda province have been seen fierce battles in which army forces, backed by Arab coalition, have made significant victories, while the Houthi militia incurred dozens dead and wounded in its ranks, in addition to the major collapses and pullbacks.

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