Army takes full control of Al-Daher district in Sa’ada

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National Army, backed by Arab coalition forces, on Friday entirely took over Al-Daher district, located north-west of Sa’ada province.

A military source in Al-Aurobah Third Brigade told September Net that the brigade’s forces, backed by Arab coalition forces, had taken full control over the the last areas of Al-Daher from the Houthi militia.

Dozens Houthi insurgents were killed and injured, while the others were forced to flee in the direction of Hajjah province and Razeh district, according to the source.

Several prominent field leaders were among the dead rebels, including their officer of supplies in the area so-called “Abu Dheya” who was killed along with 7 escorts, and the other supervisor so-called Hassan Ali Hassan, added the source.

“Army has successfully finished 1st and 2nd phases of “Cutting the Snake’s Head” military operation that has imposed a siege around the heartland of Houthi militia, in preparation for stroming the hideout of its rebel leader Abdullmalik Al- Houthi,” the source noted.

The National Amy’s Artillery targeted reinforcements of the militias on its way to Marran Triangle, in a desperate attempt by the rebels to restore some sites had been liberated by the army. The bombardment foiled the attempt, and caused fatal losses in life and equipment on the militia’s side.



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