400 Houthi militants killed,injured in Saada

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About 400 Houthi militia were killed and injured including Iranian and Lebanese experts in Maran front Saada province in the past two days.

A Military source in the third brigade “Alrbuah” said to “September Net” that the army thwarted 5 attacks by Houthi militias into the army’s positions in Maran front, which resulted in killing and injuring 400 fighters of the militia.

The source confirmed that a number of Iranian and Lebanese experts were among of those killed, in addition to other prominent field leaders of the militia, most notably called Ahmed Ismail Sufyan commander of the so-called “Badr Brigade” and Ali Mohammed Sheikh commander of the so-called “Maran Battalion”.

The operation of “cutting the snake’s head” will continue until all areas of the Saada province are liberated,” he added.

“The militia mobilized fighters from Razih, Maran and Jafra areas, in addition to brought another fighters from Dhamar and Bani Matar in a desperate attempt to restore the posts they’ve lost, adding that the army thwarted the Houthis’ attempts to gain back any posts”.

The source also mentioned that”more than 50 bodies of militia arrived to Razih district and 35 bodies to Kafrah area”,he said.

Four military vehicles belonging to the militia were also destroyed on its way to militia in the same area.

The bodies of Iranian and Lebanese experts along with the bodies of the militia leaders were transferred to “Sharah Hospital” in Al-Nadir area in Razih district amid strict security and secrecy.

It is worth mentioning that the Arab coalition supported the army during these battles and bombed the positions of the militia.



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