Army forces impose fire control over Hodeidah University, coalition’s raids hit militias

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The National Army has made significant progress on Friday in the southern front of Hodeidah city, where the Arab coalition jets hit intensively the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militias.

Sources in the field told September Net that the army troops have managed to impose a fire control over the University of Hodeidah, which has been used as a military barracks by the militias since they took over the city.

The sources added that the Arab coalition jets carried out heavy bombardment against the gatherings and military equipment of the Houthi rebels along the coastal line of the city, pointing out that the putschist militias were retreating from the eastern front towards downtown Hodeidah.

In past two days, the national army troops had been able to regain vast areas from the militias, including Hodeida’s eastern entrance known as ( Kilo 16), which a is vital rout supply linking Hodeidah with the rebel-held capital, Sana’a.

In their continued and desperate attempts to slow down the advancing army, the Houthi insurgents have, as usual, resorted to planting landmines randomly and blocked roads with cement barriers, however, the national army is keeping on its push steadily and received by the local citizens joyfully.

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