Army continues to tighten the noose on militias in Baqem center

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National Army forces, backed by Arab coalition, have accelerated their military operations in Baqem front in Saada Governorate, during which the Houthi militia suffered heavy losses in human and equipment.

Brigadier Adib al-Shehab, Chief of operations for the 63rd Infantry Brigade, confirmed that the army forces are tightening the noose on the last reminder of Houthi militias in the centre of Baqem district.

“The militia leader of the so-called storming squad, Yahya Hashim along with 15 rebels have been killed during the recent battles,” al-Shehab added to September Net.

He noted that Arab coalition jets backing the legal government are participating in the military operations and bombing the militia barracks and reinforcements, causing significant losses in life and military hardware on the militia’s side.

He said the coup militias are facing setbacks and collapses, while the army keeps advancing steadily on front-lines of Baqem.

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